Morning Coffee / Lavender / Open Books

Morning Coffee / Lavender / Open Books

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Or yet in wise, old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.

Found in a tall tower, the circular shaped common room is wide and elegant. Marble and baroque-styled architecture is found through out. The ceiling seems to twinkle with starlight on its own, and dark wood beams dance overhead. There’s plenty of seating - armchairs, or cozy bay windows - for a perfect place to curl up and read, and books can be found anywhere they fit.

Enjoy the cozy scent of cappuccino espresso first thing in the morning, dark mahogany and walnut wood, frankincense and myrrh, dusty book pages, and the soothing scent of lavender.

This candle comes with a specially designed moodcard that includes information about Ravenclaw Library, a curated playlist, and an aesthetically pleasing moodboard.

Ravenclaw Library is a home made soy wax candle, available in 4oz and 8oz crafted by Gunn Dean Candle Co in our kitchen. Each candle is carefully poured in small batches and left to cure for five days for the scent to settle into the wax and allow for a nice hot throw.

Scented with morning coffee, lavender, and open books.

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