Cherry Merlot / Gunfire / Perfume

Cherry Merlot / Gunfire / Perfume

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If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Introducing an archetype inspired candle. Our Femme Fatale is reminiscent of a noir character, shrouded in deep color silk and mesmerizing pearl necklaces. She is cunning, and brilliant, and know exactly what it is that she wants. She beckons your name and you go running.

Enjoy the deep scent of a freshly fired gun, silk sheets, the faint whiff of an expensive perfume, a half-empty glass of cherry merlot, and golden roses in an crystal vase.

This candle comes with a specially designed moodcard that includes information about Femme Fatale, a curated playlist, and an aesthetically pleasing moodboard.

Femme Fatale is a home made soy wax candle, available in 4oz and 8oz crafted by Gunn Dean Candle Co in our kitchen. Each candle is carefully poured in small batches and left to cure for five days for the scent to settle into the wax and allow for a nice hot throw.

Scented with cherry merlot, gunfire, and perfume.

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