Haunted House / Vanilla Clove / Spooky Mint

Haunted House / Vanilla Clove / Spooky Mint

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It watches. The house. It watches every move you make.

They say that house is haunted. During the light of the moon, the curtains sway as if someone peeking behind them, even when there’s no one there. Footsteps clunk up the stairs. Furniture moves when you’re not looking. They say ghosts live in this house. Grab your camera and your flashlight, your courage, and your candle, and hunt some ghosts tonight.

Enjoy the sweetly deep scent of an old, creaking house, dust floating in the moonlight, the warm scent of vanilla and clove, of a home once lived in, of the chilling scent of mint.

This candle comes with a specially designed moodcard that includes information about Ghost Hunting, a curated playlist, and an aesthetically pleasing moodboard.

Ghost Hunting is a home made soy wax candle, available in 4oz and 8oz crafted by Gunn Dean Candle Co in our kitchen. Each candle is carefully poured in small batches and left to cure for five days for the scent to settle into the wax and allow for a nice hot throw.

Scented with haunted house, vanilla clove, and spooky mint.

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