Hibiscus / Aloe / Blue Agave

Hibiscus / Aloe / Blue Agave

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Seafoam hair, opalescent scales, take me to the lagoon to see the mermaid tails.

Water sparkling blue, rocks lined with bright coral plants, and the heavenly scent of hibiscus in the air. You’re at the mermaid lagoon. While it may be fun to dip your toes in the water, splash around, or lounge on the bank, careful not to disturb the mermaids,

Enjoy the fresh scent of hibiscus flowers blooming, honeydew melon, rippling water, sea salt, green clover, palm trees, aloe vera, blue agave, and sun-warmed sand.

This candle comes with a specially designed moodcard that includes information about the Mermaid Lagoon, a curated playlist, and an aesthetically pleasing moodboard.

Mermaid Lagoon is a home made soy wax candle, available in 4oz and 8oz crafted by Gunn Dean Candle Co in our kitchen. Each candle is carefully poured in small batches and left to cure for five days for the scent to settle into the wax and allow for a nice hot throw.

Scented with hibiscus, aloe, and blue agave.

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