Douglas Fir / Black Coffee / Cherry Pie

Douglas Fir / Black Coffee / Cherry Pie

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Diane, 11:30 am, February 24th. I’m entering the town of Twin Peaks.

Uncover the truth in this strange, little town. Follow leads and drink a damn fine cup of coffee with Special Agent Dale Cooper. Cause mischief and make daring choices with Audrey. Tag along with Donna and James while they try to figure out their feelings. Or maybe just pop into Double R Diner for the best cherry pie you’ve ever tasted.

Enjoy the nostalgic scent of magnificent Douglas fir trees, cold earth, a hot cup of black coffee in a ceramic mug, blue spruces and cold rain, vinyl booths, doughnuts in the break room, and sweet cherry pie.

This candle comes with a specially designed moodcard that includes information about Twin Peaks, a curated playlist, and an aesthetically pleasing moodboard.

Twin Peaks is a home made soy wax candle, available in 4oz and 8oz crafted by Gunn Dean Candle Co in our kitchen. Each candle is carefully poured in small batches and left to cure for five days for the scent to settle into the wax and allow for a nice hot throw.

Scented with Douglas fir, black coffee, and cherry pie.

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